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Le-Vap based in Camden, Finchley Central, Edgware Road W2 and now Melcombe Street off Baker Street in London specialises in the trade of electronic cigarettes, accessories and e-liquids that enable small, medium and heavy smokers of cigarettes, rolled cigarettes, cigarillos and cigars to quit smoking with a success rate unrivaled to this day.

Camden shop

Le-Vap is one of the largest e-cigarette retail stores in London to offer more than 300 flavours (e-liquids) from tobacco flavours, menthols, gourmet and fruits, with or without nicotine from leading brand manufacturers such as Five Pawns and ICE liquids, Bumble bee Vapors, Decoded, Convicted Vapes, Worlds best Custards, Pi e-liquids, Dr. Fogs Icecream, Premium Labs, Mad Mikes, Suicide Bunny and Twelve Vapors and many more some of which are only available in our London stores. Le-Vap can also advise you on e-cigarettes, flavours and most importantly the most suitable level of nicotine to aid cessation of smoking.

All flavours are freely available to test and try in our Finchley, Edgware and Camden shops and introducing our NEW Shisha Bar and lounge in Melcombe street. So if you do get the opportunity then come and visit us at our shops and experience the Vapes in person or try our exclusive Shisha Lounge...

Finchley Shop Enjoying the company of Rodney and Gavin from Five Pawns at the Finchley Le-Vap Lounge

The electronic cigarette (E-cigarette) allows a smoker to reduce and completely stop using the traditional cigarette without the usual drawbacks, such as carcinogens and toxins, unpleasant odours and other health issues whilst at the same time, keeping both the visual and physical stimuli as in nicotine addiction and throat sensation

That pleasure is also more importantly without tar, ammonia, tobacco, cyanide, smoke, including passive smoking which means no more stepping outside to smoke !

Edgware Road Shop Le-vap Edgware Road

So if that is not reason enough to switch to e-cigarettes then consider the financial gains! Because to forget about the money that is being saved by giving up on smoking and choosing the e-cigarette would be unthinkable.

Melcombe Streetr off Baker Street Shop Melcombe Street Vape and Shisha Bar

An average 20 a day smoker spends £310 a month on cigarettes, that's a staggering £3720 pounds a year. Choosing to use an e-cigarette instead would save the same 20 a day smoker over £250 a month or £3000 pounds a year.

Through our website the Le-Vap team advises and recommends electronic cigarettes to suit your desires. Feel free to ask questions on our Contact Us form

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