e-Vap eGo V2 Stardust Clearomizer

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e-Vap eGo V2 Stardust Clearomizer. Great vapor and flavour production.

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e-Vap eGo V2 Stardust Clearomizer

The e-Vap Stardust v2 Clearomizer is actually really good with great vapor and flavour production.
However, they are made to be disposable.

They (typically) last between 3-5 weeks if you clean and dry burn it about once a week.
If you don't clean it, it will probably last about 5 - 10 days before the taste starts to suffer.
However, once cleaned and dry burned it performs almost like new. That will increase the life of the product.

Available in 7 different colors.

The Stardusts are super easy to use and re-fill. The screw on drip tip completely seals the unit for no leakage. Durable and amazing performance.

These e-Vap eGo Stardust clearomizers thread onto your eGo PV and are Completely sealed at the mouthpiece and at the bottom.

Easy fill system - can be filled directly from your juice bottle, just tilt and fill up to 1.6ml.

Mouthpiece inserts and then screws down for a complete seal with an added silicone o-ring on mouthpiece.

Completely sealed at base.

Manufactured from thick durable tank style plastic.

Thick top coil with fat wick. Because of the wide inner tube design the wicks stay wet from natural vaping motions due to small area between outer plastic wall and the inner tube. Top coil is a thicker design so you need to 'break them in' for the first few minutes when vaping; durable, provides longer lasting performance.

These will work with other PVs besides an eGo by using an adapter to lift the threads up and away.

For VMax - 510toEgo Adapter

For Lambo - 510to510Shorty Adapter

For SilverBullet - 510toEgo Adapter

Recommended Resistances:

eGo Battery: 1.8ohm - 2.8ohm

SilverBullet: 1.8ohm - 3.2ohm

Lambo: 2.4ohm - 4.0ohm

ZMax: 2.8ohm - 4.0ohm

For use with eGo threaded Batteries
e-Vap eGo Stardust V2 Clearomizer Specs
Length/Diameter Stardust: 75mm / 14mm
Colour: Black
Weight of Stardust: 15g
Liquid Capacity: 1.6ml

please note there are no returns on clearomisers

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