Limitless Ply Rock Pulse Review

Limitless Ply Rock Pulse Review


The Limitless Pulse System, by Limitless Mod Co and Ply Rock, is another, draw-initiated, shut framework case mod with a distinction its cases are refillable. Like its more established cousin the MyJet by MyVapors, this is a case based framework which offers the client absolute control in what e-fluid they vape. The Pulse starter unit ships with the mod itself and two unfilled cases, retailing for $29.95, and a bunch of three refillable cases sells for $11.49. The Pulse's battery comes out at approximately 380 mAh, with a fixed 8 W yield. The cases are 1 mL in limit (despite the fact that specs somewhere else state 1.5 – 2 mL). The inbuilt loops put out between 1.7 – 1.8 ohms and use silica as wicking material. The Pulse has a striking, modern look LED pronunciations running along the gadget light up on inward breath.


The Pulse unit mod is clear as crystal and straightforward, to such an extent that Limitless did exclude a client manual in the pack (in spite of the fact that there are guidelines on the site). Directly out of the case, the unit accompanies a cartridge introduced (there is an extra one in the pack). The unit has a solitary, delicate touch power button that additionally controls the LED light, which means it changes the tones from red, dark, blue and purple. The Pulse is any longer than those different units, as it quantifies near 115mm (4.5 inches) long and 9mm (0.35 inches). The end inverse the case straight is skewed, giving the mod a sharp, bladed look. There are Limitless and Ply Rock logos laser-carved onto the outside too, and that is about it, with respect to the vape's external appearance. For a case mod, the Pulse comes in luxurious bundling.

Key features:

The pods

The cases click into the Pulse gadget effectively enough, despite the fact that the precise profile of the highest point of the Pulse makes it less fitting and-play and more push-and-shake than I'd like. I've seen clashing specs for the Pulse from various sources so topped off one case with a needle of e-fluid. Amazingly, the unit just has a limit of 1 mL. The loop and wick is situated at the base of the case. The curls use silica as the wicking material.


To vape on the Pulse Pod System, I am utilizing some pre-soaks e-fluid from VapeWild, with a 65/35 VG/PG proportion at 6 mg/mL nicotine. The LED intonations will absolutely knock some people's socks off. You can likewise turn them off by tapping the three-sided button multiple times to go into secrecy mode. One issue I have is that they don't demonstrate battery life. At the point when your battery's done, there's no notice – the gadget essentially squints multiple times, and afterward it's out. Nonetheless, the gadget went from void to completely energized in around 40 minutes.When the battery is completely energized it's alright (by and by I favor other shut frameworks, for example, the Bo One or the Von Erl) however it break down as the charge diminishes.

The Vape

With an appropriate e-juice in the cartridge – a 50/50 PG/VG, a high PG or nicotine salts e-juice – the Pulse units do emit some great fume. The draw obstruction is negligible, and as there is no wind stream change, it's anything but difficult to get some decent hits. In the event that you pull long and delayed from the mouthpiece, you'll get a satisfying haze of fume.

The wicks inside are much more tough than something natural like cotton, which is for what the Pulse was planned, to last more than run of the mill units. The life of the units is something else that there is by all accounts some contradiction about. Obviously, something to that effect depends many factors.


The Limitless Pulse has a novel, sharp look that conforms to the general feel of the Limitless brand – intense, reckless, and forceful. The LED articulations demonstrate a welcome expansion to the appearance of the vape too, and they can be changed to more than seven distinct alternatives with the force button (a secrecy choice is likewise accessible). Regardless of the easy exhibition of the Pulse, the cases are somewhat precarious to top off. It tends to be an untidy issue, as the units can here and there get covered with e-juice buildup that can make them tacky. Eliminating the top cap is likewise difficult.


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