Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Review

Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Review


Digiflavor, while a genuinely new organization the individuals behind it are a gathering of devoted and experienced vapers! They have had different victories with tanks, for example, the Fuji GTA and the Lynx RDA. The organization is situated in Shenzhen, China, and a sister organization of one of the most popular names in vape produce "GeekVape". Who got us the consistently mainstream Griffin RDTA and Tsunami RDA. The primary focal point of Digiflavor is on taste as opposed to fume, being that they are all flavor chasers. Today I will take an inside and out gander at the Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper. It is an extraordinary atomizer that includes a spring stacked brace style assembles deck that bolsters a wide range of loops. This combined with the exact snap wind current control framework, and combined with the name Rip Trippers makes it an exceptionally appealing must have for any vaper.


The Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank (a Rip Trippers Project) is 25mm start to finish and produced using high evaluation Stainless Steel.One of the greatest champion highlights that make the Pharaoh not quite the same as the rest is the spring-stacked rack and cinch style assemble deck. By extricating the Philips screw on each post (a Tri-Tool is incorporated), it delivers the spring strain and the clasp rises, remaining set up. Spot your leads in (roughly 4.8mm x 3.3mm of space for each lead) and each base square has a little lip on each side so your loops don't get pushed out when moving, fixing or changing your curl. The effortlessness and simplicity of introducing your loops is incredible and should be possible in one moment or two. The 2ml eJuice repository underneath the assemble deck is very much planned and amazing to have available to you. Filling it is truly simple and should be possible on one side or both.

You don't have to fill the two sides since the store streams completely through the base however you can on the off chance that you need. One full 120ml dropper fills the base generally and was my method of rapidly filling it without being mindful so as not to flood the channels. On the off chance that you do overload it, there's a little channel that runs the edge of the fabricate deck that the juice will hover around the outside of the posts and in the long run your cotton will retain it.

The wind current framework is a powerful plan and works surprisingly better than it looks. Triple 5mm x 2.5mm square shape wind stream openings organized along the focal point of the assemble deck sit straightforwardly under your curls. The three base wind stream openings feed air up through the base and through each air space. You have the choice of having one, two or every one of the three open with each giving you a very different vape experience. You will see a weak whistle when you close the wind current down to a couple of openings open; something to remember. The wind current control ring turns excessively smooth, clicks effectively and stops at each setting and when opened or shut. More often than not I was running a major, single curl so every one of the three spaces remained open reliably. The 510 association strings are accurately machined and joined overall quite flush to an assortment of gadgets all through the most recent couple of weeks. The Gold-plated 510 pin guarantees availability issues are non-existent.

Building with the Pharaoh Dripper Tank

The Pharaoh Dripper Tank's awesome form deck is amusing to expand on. With three standard forms to look over (and a lot more in case you're inventive), a solitary loop, double curls running pair (so the wick goes through both making an extension) and double equal sitting one next to the other. The primary form was to test the number of pulls I could get from a newly prepared and full store. The single 0.26ω Fused Clapton loop newly evil with Native Wicks Platinum Cotton taking 3-second pulls at 80W ready to crush 25 hits until began getting a quieted taste.


  • Extremely simple to loop and wick
  • Deck is intended for imagination in loop setups
  • Assortment of wind current settings to speak to direct to lung (DTL) vapers
  • Incredible flavor


  • 1x Pharaoh Drip Tank by Digiflavor
  • 1x Wide bore Delrin dribble tip with spit back insurance
  • 1x Wide bore Delrin trickle tip
  • 1x Bag of Spare Parts

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