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Choosing Your First Vape Kit

One of the most crucial duties that any manufacturer of vaping products can have, in our opinion. Is to cater to the beginner’s portion of the market. The decision to transition from smoking to vaping is made by tens of thousands of people every day all around the world. Your initial vape starter kit’s performance will have a significant impact on how well you make the conversion. We definitely don’t want you to go back to smoking if you don’t like your first vaping experience. We will help you in choosing your first vape kit.

The right vape can be difficult to choose, but there are a few suggestions to guide your decision. Do your homework, choose the best brand. And become familiar with the gadgets you have access to as well as the taste choices.

Introduction to e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a type of device that dispense nicotine electronically. They use a heating component to evaporate a solution, which is subsequently supplied to the user as an aerosol that can be inhaled. In addition to nicotine, which is occasionally present, the principal ingredients of this solution include propylene glycol and flavourings.

E-cigarettes and Vapes

E-cigarettes and Vapes

The phrase “e-cigarette,” also spelled “e-cigs” or “electronic cigarettes,” refers to any vaping device. These electronic devices, sometimes known as simply “vapes,” “vaping devices,” or “vapes,” produce vapour for you to inhale, simulating the act of smoking a regular cigarette.


A cigalike (short for cigarette-like) is an electronic cigarette designed to resemble real tobacco cigarettes as closely as possible in appearance and feel. They are compact, lightweight, and identical to real cigarettes in every way, right down to the filter pattern and the LED tip that resembles ash and becomes red when triggered.

Disposable e-cigs

disposable e-cig

In some ways, disposable e-cigarettes are for cig-replacement. Disposables, which are compact, pocket-friendly vaping devices that are pre-charged and pre-filled with delectable e-liquid, are quite popular among ex-smokers. They are prepared for use right out of the box; simply take a drag to activate the draw-activated e-cigarette and it will begin to produce vapour.

Pod Kits

A sort of vape kit that combines simplicity and functionality is a pod kit, sometimes referred to as a pod system, pod vape, or pod mod. They consist primarily of a battery and a pod. Pod Vape Kits are designed with ease of use for new vapers in mind. There are two different categories of Pod kits.

Vape Kits

Vape Kits

A standard vape kit will include a battery and tank, which together make up the actual vape device. Depending on what you need for your nicotine fix, they frequently come in a number of flavours and nicotine concentrations! They’re also a fantastic alternative for new users because they’re simple to use and come with everything you need.

Box Mods

More customization is possible with box mod or vape mod starting kits. This makes them a little trickier to use than the other two e-cigarette starting kits. But if you’re ready to go headfirst into vaping, you might be intrigued by all the tinkering and customization that box mod kits allow you to accomplish.

So, which vape should I buy?

So, which vape should I buy?

It’s time to decide which type of vaping equipment is best for you now that we’ve discussed some of the various options. Here are a few of our top picks for excellent vape starter kits.

Vape kits for disposable e-cig lovers

Disposable vapes have been getting a lot of attention lately, hence have made an amazing comeback! They benefit from the attention that vapers give them thanks to strong throat hits or silky clouds of nicotine salts. Like their cloud-chucking cousins, they are capable of changing forms. These stealthy, discreet vapes come in a variety of flavours and are portable.

It’s no surprise that the Dr. Vapes Geek Bars are so well-liked given their tantalising flavours and incredible multi-buy discounts. With its tiny, pocket-friendly size and straightforward design, the Vaporesso Barr resembles a disposable e-cigarette in appearance and feel. But this open pod system can be recharged and refilled with e-liquid repeatedly. This vape kit is really affordable, costing the same as two throwaway electronic cigarettes. But it will last you a lot longer because it has refillable and interchangeable pods and type-C charging. This is the one you should try if you prefer disposables and aren’t sure whether to switch to a vape kit.

Vape kits for first-time vapers

For people who have just quit smoking and are looking for vaping devices. That most closely resemble cigarettes, vape starter kits are great. These wonderful starter sets offer a clear introduction to the world of vaping!

You don’t need any prior knowledge or vaping expertise to use a whole beginner’s vape kit, so you can get started right away! All of our starter vaping kits include a low power output and a Mouth-to-Lung inhalation technique, which simulates smoking cigarettes. These whole beginning vape kits are also incredibly inconspicuous and portable, making them ideal for vaping sessions while on the go.

Vape kits for great flavour

Uwell e-cigarettes are some of our favourites when it comes to getting fantastic flavours from your vape juice. If you want to try your hand at flavour chasing, the stylish GK2 Pod Kit and the timeless Caliburn KOKO Pod Kit both offer fantastic flavours. Therefore, these are good vape starting kits.

Vape kits that will last you a long time

The Aspire PockeX kit is another e-cigarette that offers excellent performance at a reasonable cost. Because of its amazing features, including its compatibility with a variety of coils, including MTL coils and sub-ohm coils, this is one of our favourite vape pens to suggest to beginner vapers. This indicates that this kit will last vapers for a considerable amount of time, giving them the option to continue using mouth-to-lung vaping or experiment with sub-ohm coils.

Try the OXVA X Vape Kit if you want to try a kit that will give you a few more alternatives as you start vaping at a more advanced level. This electronic cigarette is appropriate for those who are new to vaping, but it also has more complicated settings for usage with sub-ohm mesh coils and up to 40W of power, so you may gradually adapt it to your preferences.

Budget-friendly vape kits

Sometimes you simply need a vape kit that will give you the satisfaction you need without breaking the bank; not everyone can drop £70 on the counter to buy a huge sub-ohm cloud kit and extra 18650 batteries. The products on the following list are designed for budget-conscious buyers who want value without compromising on quality.

Not always does a more costly vape equal a better vape. Sometimes a customer may enter one of our stores with the intention of buying everything we have to offer and will head straight for the most expensive item. Don’t pay for more than you need is something we always remind our consumers to do. The best affordable vapes for 2022 include the Voopoo Seal Pod, SMOK Stick N18, Geekvape Wenax K1, Eleaf IORE Lite, Vaporesso XROS Mini, Aspire Vilter and Uwell Caliburn A2.

What else do I need to buy?

It’s thrilling to purchase your first vape kit. But keep in mind that you’ll also need to purchase e-liquid to use it. What you put in the tank or pod of your vape is called e-liquid. Often known as e-juice, vape juice, or vape liquid. All of the e-liquid that has soaked into the wicking material is heated by the coil when the battery powers it, turning it into vapour. You then take a breath through the mouthpiece of the vapours. The kind of e-liquid you need depends on the kind of vape you use. And the level of nicotine you want.

Nic Salts

Anyone new to vaping should consider nicotine salts. These are ideal for ex-smokers who need to satisfy their cigarette cravings because they have delicious flavours at low temperatures and release nicotine quickly. The ratio of Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol, which make up the two primary components of e-liquids, is typically 50/50 in nic salts. Which e-cigarette models the juice is compatible with depends on the proportions of these elements.

E-Liquid Shortfills

E-juice also come in shortfill form. A shortfill is distinguished by being entirely nicotine-free, but there is still room at the top of the bottle for you to add a nicotine shot if you like. As a result, vape juice shortfills may be an excellent choice for novice vapers who want to experiment with vaping without nicotine or who want to adjust the amount of nicotine strength in their e-liquid to suit their preferences.

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