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5 vaping mistakes

5 Vaping Mistakes You’re Making & How to Overcome Them

Do your coils wear out after a short time? Does the liquid in your vape tank leak all the time? Do your vapes frequently get damaged or broken? Do you vape continuously with no satisfaction? We have news for you; You’re vaping WRONG! We don’t anticipate you to be an expert on vaping. But in the long term, using your vaporizer properly will save you time, money, and reputation. Let’s look at the top 5 vaping mistakes people commonly make and how to prevent them.

Choosing Wrong E-Liquid

People undoubtedly commit one of the largest vaping blunders possible, and it occurs frequently. You should check the product description for your particular vaping device to see if you’re vaping the proper kind of E-Liquid if you discover that your e-liquids don’t work with your vape kit or your coils keep burning. There’s a good chance you’re engaging in one of the most common vaping errors around.

A sub-ohm or DTL kit that can fire at higher wattages is the only place to use thicker e-liquids like shortfills, CBD e-liquids, and 100% VG e-liquids (or, any e-liquid with a VG ratio above 70%). The name “sub-ohm” refers to these kits’ typical use of coils with resistances below 1.0 ohm. While Nic Salts and 50/50 E-Liquids should only be used with MTL kits, which include the majority of beginner vape kits and pod kits, E-Liquids with a higher PG ratio (50% or more) should not. Coils in these devices typically have resistance values higher than 1.0. (ohm).

Stop Overcharging Your Vape

stop overcharging your vape

Does the battery in your vape device deplete significantly more quickly than it did at first? When you vape, does it feel warm to the touch? If the answer to one or both of these questions is affirmative and it has been less than six to twelve months since you initially acquired the vape, you are probably overcharging it. One of the largest vaping errors you can make is this, yet it’s also the simplest to fix.

You’ve probably heard that leaving laptops and cell phones plugged in while they are fully charged may destroy the battery. Since lithium-ion batteries, which power phones and laptops, also power vapes, overcharging your vape will result in the same consequences for it. Avoid leaving it plugged in while you aren’t looking. That’s all there is to the problem. As handy as it is to leave your vape plugged in overnight, it is important to only charge it until the battery is full. Similarly, it’s a good idea to occasionally let the battery run entirely dry (or dead); having the battery “filled up” all the time will result in it bloating inside the device, which can cause problems with power.

You’re Vaping The Wrong Nicotine Strength

You're Vaping The Wrong Nicotine Strength

Do you ever feel shackled to your vape? Do you have an increased heart rate at the mere mention of a dead battery? Most likely not. However, you’re probably not getting enough nicotine from your e-liquid if you find yourself chain vaping or vaping frequently—more than the other vapers you know. Another common vaping mistake, but one that is also very simple to correct. Most likely, while purchasing E-Liquids, you aim to purchase the lowest nicotine strength you anticipate using. With most chemical substances, this is typically a good idea, but with nicotine, especially for vapers who have recently given up smoking, you need to be sure you’re getting enough to state your desires.

It’s important to have enough nicotine, especially if you’re attempting to stop smoking or have recently stopped because it keeps you from picking up those nasty cancer sticks again. Your body will eventually begin to react negatively to smoking, and soon you won’t even want to be around burning cigarettes. Therefore, it’s probably time to attempt a greater nicotine dose if you’re making this typical error.

You’re Not Using Airflow & Wattage to Your Advantage

You're Not Using Airflow & Wattage to Your Advantage

One of the lesser-known vaping faults is failing to adjust your airflow and/or wattage to fit your vaping style. If you sputter and choke when you fire your vape or find that the vapour is so intense that it causes you discomfort while you vape, you’re probably guilty of this.

We suggest fully opening the airflow valve and taking a deeper breath. You’ll notice that the vapour will not feel like it was condensing at the back of your throat, hurting every nerve ending on the way down and giving you that annoying cough. If your device has adjustable airflow, you should think about how you breathe and how the airflow valve is set. Without enough fresh air, the vapour isn’t as diluted and is therefore more prone to irritate your throat when you inhale it.

Your Vape Juice Is Too Sweet For Your Coil

One of the more difficult vaping errors to correct is this one. The main drawback of vaping excessively sweetened juices, in our opinion, is that over time, the sweeteners in your tank or pod heat up around your coil, causing the sweeteners to solidify and finally caramelise around the coils, giving you the dreaded burnt flavour.

You can either smoke less sweet liquids or accept that your coils will wear out more quickly than those of other vapers. Depending on the coil’s design and construction, you can discover that some coils work better with sweeter e-liquids than others. Compared to other similar pod kits, the GeekVape Aegis One Pod Kit seems to last longer with extra-sweet E-Juices. people usually do mistakes while vaping but these 5 vaping mistakes are common. You can correct them now easily!

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