Big Foot e-liquid - Decoded by Premium Labs

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Who doesn’t love mini donuts? Well Bigfoot is those perfect little bites of deliciousness with a hint of sugar. Yummmm!!

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So, you remember grocery shopping days when Mom would bring home a package of those mini donuts from the supermarket covered in sugar and cinnamon and of course they'd disappear in the span of about an hour? This is pure memory lane as they've nailed this one. That super doughy consistency, highlighted with little granules of sugar and speckles of cinnamon? It happens right there in this juice and it goes every bit as fast as the real thing.


Available in 0,3,6 and 12mg Nicotine

)mg available in 30ml Bottles
3,6,12mg available in packs of 3x10ml or individually (see options)

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