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Le-Vap is proud to bring together this great collection of e-liquids and e-cigarettes hardware

Five Pawns offer the Insignia Series - GrandMaster (peanut butter and banana) Gambit (apple pie) Queenside (blood orange and vanilla) Bowdens Mate (After dinner mint) Castle Long (kentucky bourbon) and whilst they are still available (stocks rapidly running out) Fifth Rank (lime) Absolute Pin (Absinthe) Sixty Four (cucumber, dill and grapefruit) Lucena (peach and rum) Perpetual Check (blackcurrant) Its your move ...

Twelve Vapor bring the zodiac to us in vaping delight - A delicious sensation of fruits flavours - Why not try your star sign and see if its a perfect match!!!

Mad Mikes premium e-juice is perfect for dripping and cloud chasing - max vg e-liquid with great fruit flavour profiles - you would be sucker punched to miss out on theses fine vapes

Iceliqs - whether you want fruit or tobacco, fun or just delicious Iceliqs has a flavour for you. From simple flavour profiles to complex tastings of London you will not be disappointed here!

Decoded - by Premium Liquid Labs Inc. Founded in April of 2014 (creating Flavours since 2012), are a unique Canadian eliquid manufacturer, creating Premium Blends of the highest standard. Taste the Matrix with this max VG range of quality e liquids flavours like Atlantis, Davinci Code, Area 51, RondoRondo, Loch Ness and Big Foot. Its a tastebud's dream!!

The Lemonade House offer an extraordinary flavour line up and is 2017 Vape Jam "Best Drink" award winners - Look out for more from these as they are one of the few who know how to make lemonade taste like lemonade - intrigued then look out for Traditional, Sparkles, Summer and Elegant Fix

Charlie's Chalk Dust From an ancient sacred recipe handed down through the ages from father to son this recipe together with certain proportions of rare matter forged in the explosion of a supernova to create a transcendent potion now known as “Chalkdust” … at least that’s the legend - whether you believe it or not is up to you!!!

Culture - Vaping is a culture - heaven is a place - wyld is a feeling - that leaves a smile - tag'd on your face

Suicide Bunny and Kings Crown - from fight your fate to the infamous mothers milk - flavours that grab your taste buds and whip them into a sweet frenzy

Jimmy the Juice Man - Now here is a real gentleman - a connoisseur of refined taste - six flavour profiles that demand to be vaped all day and every day.

Hardware - Vaping is our passion. Le-Vap is no ordinary vape shop - check out our Hardware for some of the latest MODS and accessories to make sure you can enjoy vaping to the full.

Best e liquids and e cig hardware

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